Authentic School Photography

Most people think of bright blue backgrounds, cheesy smiles, and flashy lights when they think of school picture day.  While there is a lot to love about the classic experience, we want to do it better, more beautiful, more personal.

We offer photography to your school or group with no up front costs or pre-pay requirements.  Once photos are taken, families receive 3-4 options in both color and black and white to choose from.  All ordering is done a la carte, online without pre-determined packages. 

Now booking Fall and Spring Picture Days for your school, preschool, daycare, church or any other place kids gather.  Fill out the contact information page to sign your school up for this opportunity.


authentic [aw-then-tik] adjective. not false or copied; genuine; real:

It is my goal to capture your child’s true authentic self.

I’ll never ask them to say cheese or show me any face other than their own.

Simple. Beautiful. Real.

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